Shree Bigyan Educational Academy

Shivasatakshi-3, Dharampur Jhapa

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Shree Bigyan Educational Academy

Bigyan Educational Academy school is providing its best teaching practices making children received their better future. The class upgrades each year. This year in 2018, it is running class five. Currently, we have 300 students in total. Half of the students are under full scholarship program. The monthly tuition cost is lower than other boarding schools. We made school affordable to all the families of any economic background,  so all children can achieve their dream of attending an English Boarding school with international standard education.

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  • School Reopen

    School will be resume on Sawan 13, Sunday. July 29, 2018. after 1st term exam vacation

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  • 1st term exam result : Sawan 13, Sunday

    we held a short staff meeting and discussed about the first term exam result and future plans for the next step of teaching learning method...

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