Shree Bigyan Educational Academy

Shivasatakshi-3, Dharampur Jhapa

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Bigyan Educational Academy school is an English medium Elementary school, established in 2068 BS/2011 AD The school is located in Far-Eastern part of Nepal, in Jhapa district. It is 7 km below Mahendra Highway(20 min drive). It is opened in a village where all the parents are depended on the farm and have limited source of income.

The reason behind opening this school- we (founder of school ) were seven children and our parents couldn’t afford to send all of us to school. The access to the quality education was quite impossible to us in our early school ages. Hence, we want to help other families in our village going through similar situations when it comes to sending their children to get quality education in today’s competitive world. Since I live in the US, and when I exchange a $1 to Nepali Rupees it becomes Rs 100/-(exchange rate varies). A small amount of money can be a big help in Nepal. Therefore, it was a right time for us to start a school to provide a better and brighter foundation of children in our village.

Bigyan Educational Academy school is providing its best teaching practices making children received their better future. The class upgrades each year. This year in 2018, it is running up to class five. Currently, we have 300 students in total. Half of the students are under full scholarship program. The monthly tuition cost is lower than other boarding schools. We made affordable so everyone can achieve their dream of attending an English Boarding school with international standard education.

Our Mission

Currently school is running in out-of-pocket budget and the income from school tuition fees.The future goal of the school is to be inclusive to other more vulnerable children. For that, school must be built in a accessible way to kids in wheelchair- meeting their requirements.

Another is, to bring Braille and Sign Language learning education into school,and be able to support homeless kids from street to school and their overall well being with providing their basic needs: food, shelter clothing and education. And also make accessible to all the refugee and slum children for their better future, keeping the school forever affordable to all parents and their dreaming children.

Our school’s above goal will be more possible with the support of parents , community, and the people’s kind help around the world. Every penny counts. We welcome all kinds of donations, and we heartily thank and appreciate you all for your kindness to let our little dreamers’ dream come true.


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