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Gaining experience in a variety of schools can help you decide if teaching is right for you and demonstrate that you have the commitment and skills to be successful

Volunteering will also give you an advantage when applying, particularly for school-led applications. If you’re already working in a school you could be at the top of the list if they have any training posts.

School experience for trainee teachers

It may not be a mandatory requirement, but by gaining some school experience, this will provide you with valuable insight into teaching. It could also strengthen your application and prepare you for potential interviews. Volunteering at a school, will provide:

1.) The opportunity to observe and learn from experienced teachers

2.) Knowledge of the national curriculum/education system of the region you’re applying to work in

3.) Evidence of your commitment

4.) Practical classroom-based examples that you can use at interview such as small group leading and lesson planning.

Volunteer Aplication



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