Shree Bigyan Educational Academy

Shivasatakshi-3, Dharampur Jhapa

Message from Chairperson

Bishnu Tamang

Shree Bigyan Educational Academy Boarding School was established in 2011 AD/2068 BS. The sole purpose of the school is to include parents of all economic backgrounds or income levels who believe in sending their children to an English medium school that provides high quality and modern education.
The school is situated in a rural and remote location in Far-Eastern Jhapa, Nepal. We aim to provide facilities that are found in a modern institution, and we continue to add more. Our school strives to upgrade our infrastructure to match international standards.

Shree Bigyan Educational Academy continues to provide scholarships to 50% of our students, which is our long-term goal. We welcome children of all abilities, including children with any disabilities. We do not want any child left alone for any reason.

I thank the many parents and caregivers who have chosen our school, and for entrusting us with your children’s bright futures, as we provide quality education. We make a humble request to all the parents and other families: if you know of a child who stays home due to their family’s economic conditions, because of a disability, or any other issue, please inform the school so that we can reach out. The school has a very strong academic program which helps students to become innovative, creative, and responsible. We want to invite families who may not know they are welcome.

Thank you,

Bishnu Tamang