Shree Bigyan Educational Academy

Shivasatakshi-3, Dharampur Jhapa


Bigyan Educational Academy currently offers a Pre-K to class 5, with a dynamic, engaging, academic curriculum based on inquiry, and responsive to the needs of our students. Cross-disciplinary learning is an important focus in our school, and our core curriculum is enriched at every level with learning opportunities in following with class and house wise :



Nursery: Chocolate Race, Maiz collection
Nursery & L.K.G & U.K.G : Hot potato;
L.K.G, U.K.G & 1: Rumal Lukai, In-Out
U.K.G, 1 & 2: Balloon Blast
1 to 5: Handwriting competition, Drawing competition, Mathematical race, Spelling contest.
2 to 5: Musical Chair, Spoon / marble race, Sack race, Quiz competition, frog jump, coin finding, skipping race(girls), thread & needle race(girls).
3, 4 & 5: Obstacle race, Pulling tail, 100 meter Race, Football, High Jump, Long Jump, Debate.
4 & 5: Badminton
Nursery to 5: Dance and Singing
Housewise(house color)Nursery to 5: Tug of War
  • Class 2 and above has the opportunity of learning computer as their syllabus begins.
  • Bigyan educational Academy offers small class sizes, an excellent teachers and support staff, and a community oriented learning environment that fosters the well being of the whole student.